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Ptah council awards TEAM


Yashmal Amen


I, Yashmal Amen – Chairman and Founder of the PTAH Council, have always been passionate and driven to uplift, support and reward those who are committed to our community, and to those who have contributed to bring about positive change to help shape and improve our society, for the benefit of humanity. 


Many who have passed and those who are still present in Africa and the diaspora have been overlooked and have consequently been unrewarded for the excellent work they do.   It is for this reason that PTAH Council was formed: to establish and have in place a system that recognises, honours and awards individuals and organisations which are committed to enhancing and improving our world for the benefit of us all.  


As we are now in the golden age PTAH Council are establishing the Global Initiative which will bring together individuals and communities and help establish trust amongst ourselves to build powerful sustainable systems for many generations to come.   


Knowing that we are of one ancestral lineage and that we have ruled the world for many dynasties and kept the balance and oneness with nature our history can be traced throughout the circumference of the globe therefore we should aim to reconnect with our heritage and inherit our rightful place once again as it was intended and preserve and be proud of the best of our culture.   


PTAH Council’s goal is to bring truth, justice, harmony, balance, order, reciprocity, and prosperity, where it is most needed. And it is our duty, as we are called to stand 10,000 feet high, to have the perfect view and use Ma’at as our template. We will never be forgotten like our great Ancestors. 



Our obligation is to invest in the young people and create opportunities for this generation and the generations to come and to impart the knowledge we have so they may be even greater than us. Their success is our victory. Opportunities must be for all without discrimination. 


Khemra Ankh Amun

Creative Director

Greetings family my name is Khemra Ankh Amun and I am the creative director of PTAH Council.

When I came through the star gate (my mother’s womb) and made my first appearance, once that great light hit my eyes I knew there was much work to be done and I was the being who was going to make a difference using the tool of creativity.

The stories of my ancestors were speaking to me in sound colour, vibration, patterns, light, energy, shape and form. It is my destiny to continue with this spiritual language of codes and vibrations. My sceptre is my creativity and I will use it to remind the Gods and Goddesses of their own GREATNESS.


Bilal O.W. Jack-Ameen

Public Relation Officer

Bilal O.W. Jack-Ameen was born in St Vincent and the Grenadines of West African descent. He is a Writer/Singer/Song writer/ Recording Artistes/ Community activists, Immigration specialist, Restaurateur, Race Relation Adviser, Cultural Adviser and Youth Exchange Specialist.

Mr Ameen is an enthusiastic individual with an excellent track record, invaluable communication and organisational skills and a resourceful network across the globe. His comprehensive knowledge and interests in other cultures gives him the confidence to engage, manage and work in varied positions and partnership that requires the use of different approaches to raise and resolve common problems.

His experience in the music industry which began from the tender age of 10, saw him singing and playing music in some of the most prestige places across St Vincent and the Grenadines. He recorded his first album with his brother at the age of 14 then journey to the Netherland age 18 and the UK age 21 where he did the same.

In 1980 he took up youth and community development work and became a Coordinator/Counsellor for Roots organisation in Oxford, then in 1981 took up the post of Cultural Officer for WIWA the first Black women’s organisation in the London Borough of Brent.

In 1982 he founded the Caribbean Development foundation which was later renamed in 2007 as the Africa Caribbean Development Foundation and set up the CDF Training College for overseas Student.

Over the past 35 years he has developed and manage several projects, organisations and businesses delivering youth and community development programmes, including: training, advice, consultancy, catering, hospitality, arts, entertainment and youth international educational cultural exchange.

PTAH council Global Initiative International Committee

We are thankful for all donations to help towards enriching our community. to donate please CLICK here >

Nkem 450k - The New Blue Studio-25.jpg

Nkem Anagor

International Liaison officer

Nkem Anagor is a true representative of the African People of whom she is a part- particularly of African woman-
in that, she has many gifts and talents. Included amongst her many numbered gifts and roles, she is inventor of therapeutic aids for children; mother; physiotherapist; poet; champion public speaker; sometime philosopher, now graduating to African Deep Thinker- in this, she is reclaiming with her Kindred, the tradition that goes back to DWHTY/Jehuti of The [African] Nile Valley Civilizations- also later known as Thoth/ Hermes Trigemestus, by the Greeks and as Mercury, by the Romans (the idea of whom in the current age has degenerated into simply the worship of “Quick ‘n’ Easy”, but who was worshipped by Ancient Europeans as a God of wisdom, knowledge and Inner Master- standing). In every respect, she is an Artist/ Creator- as is befitting of One whose bloodline is of the Divine bloodline- the Original bloodline, of The Race of created Beings, Hueman. Created by the One Creator: The First Ancestor, whose very unlimited Greatness is to Create Greatness in the signature likeness of The Original: perfect, wise, in-Genuis, without copy nor paste; without clone, without genetic modification- Original Being, not a derivative. 
Therefore, by virtue of these very Truths, a Representative of The Nation People who are both eternal Inheritors and Stewards of this Earth. Amen.
[Refs: Luca Cavalli- Sforza ‘The history. and geography of human genes’; Jacob Curruthers- ‘Intellectual Warfare’ and ‘MDW NTR’; George GM James- Stolen Legacy]

Nkem Anagor has formal (certificated) learning to the level of Bachelor Science Degree. She qualified as a Physiotherapist in London in 1992 and practised as a top specialist for over 25 years, working in the field of childhood rehabilitation from early brain damage. Whilst the entrenched racism of contemporary British society still does not allow for recognition of her achievements in her field of specialism, her repeated remarkable track history in teaching children functional life skills speaks for itself- requiring no validation from others uncomfortable with the truth. [To further research Nkem Anagor’s contribution to physiotherapy, please find her information on LinkedIn].

Her real education began once her formal learning ran its course and she continues ceaselessly to apply herself to acquiring Self-knowledge into the present time.

She accepts her gifts and her life in full gratitude to the Ones whose blood signature flow within her veins and upon whose shoulders she stands. All her work is made possible by that same geni-within-us and is carried out as an expression of gratitude to the One Almighty Creator, who is (for her), Life and Truth and the Eternally (Righteous) Way.

It is with profound honour and pleasure that she has accepted this opportunity to serve Justice, Truth and Righteousness through her role as International Liaison Officer for PTAH Council International Committee.

SisDr Crown and Suit.jpg

SisDr Sandra Richards PhD

Caribbean liaison officer

SisDr Sandra Richards is an African-centred scholar practitioner and holds a Masters degree in Education and a PhD from Brunel University for her research in the area of education inclusion. Her work is rooted in the principles of MA’AT and interested in equity. Her book ‘The Way We See It’ teases out uncomfortable historical links between school exclusion and British education policy; in it she calls for “difficult conversations” which requires moving beyond the discomfort of white supremacy to address the gap between the theory and practice of social inclusion.


In addition SisDr is also the author of ‘The Journey’ a self-development workbook which offers practical solutions for healing and growing. It encompasses strategies for education achievement, parenting and rites of passage through life’s ages and stages.


Sandra is respectfully addressed as SisDr as she seeks to hold on to an African sensibility and connection with a global African village and accept her status as researcher. Much of her recent work in service to the community has been linked to empowerment conferences in the UK, Caribbean and the States where participants are actively engaged in the business of self-knowing and self-healing. She has been the featured speaker for 7 years at the annual UK Day of the Goddess event of workshops, speakers, talks, dance and entertainment where women meet together to work together, laugh together, cry together and heal together.


SisDr Sandra Richards left the UK in 2008 to join The University of The West Indies. Prior to this Sandra lectured in social policy and was a community activist promoting inclusive education especially for marginalised African Diaspora communities with heritage rooted in the Caribbean.


SisDr is particularly passionate about education and social justice demonstrated through her student-centredness, outreach and activism. SisDr bravely seeks to rupture Eurocentric and Asiatic norms by daring to position personhood as a new-normal informed by African Ancestral sensibilities fused with Eastern and Western assigned methodologies. In so-doing SisDr makes visible the trauma inflicted by conflicted ways of being. Drawing on a combination of coaching, culturally-sensitive counseling, stillness and movement her approach introduces unconventional methodologies to recalibrate our spiritual centre and undertake a purposeful life journey.

Obadele Kambon PhD.jpg

Okunini Obadele Kambon PhD

Africa liaison officer

Obádélé Bakari Kambon, Ph.D. is an Afrikan anti-amerikkkan. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of one, his family relocated to the small village of Wendell near Raleigh, North Carolina. Upon completing high school, he attended Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia on a full academic scholarship where he majored in African American Studies. Upon graduating magna cum laude from Morehouse, he went on to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


At UW-Madison, he majored in African Languages and Literature on a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship. Also, he was teaching assistant for Introductory Yoruba, Intermediate Yoruba and Introduction to African Literature courses through the Department of African Languages and Literature. While at UW-Madison, Ọbádélé focused on linguistics and within three years completed two Master’s Degrees; one in African Languages and Literature and one in Linguistics.


Upon completing graduate school, Ọbádélé taught at various tertiary institutions throughout the Chicago area including, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago State University and Malcolm X College where he taught African Communications, Twi and Yoruba. Concurrently, Ọbádélé taught at various educational institutions throughout the Chicagoland area, from pre-school to high school including Dusable Leadership Academy, Betty Shabazz International Charter School, Winnie Mandela Intergenerational Alternative High School, Charles Hamilton Houston Alternative High School, New Concept Pre-School, Barbara A. Sizemore Academy Middle School, the BSICS Community Shule and Camp Cul-Tech. Subjects taught included Twi, Yoruba, Capoeira, Introductory Kiswahili, Wolof and outdoor leadership survival skills.


After three years in the Chicago area, Ọbádélé moved to Ghana to pursue his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Ghana at Legon. While completing his doctorate, he also taught at African University College of Communications teaching Pan-Africanism, African Diaspora Studies, African Biographies and African Spiritual Systems. Ọbádélé completed his PhD at the University of Ghana in 2012 earning the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Best PhD Thesis in the Humanities.


He is now Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies (IAS) and coordinator of the UGRC African Language Program (2nd Semester), (2014-2015) coordinator of the revamped IAS Thursday Seminar Series and coordinator of the new graduate African Thinkers/African Thought (2015-2019) program in which he teaches the core course Foundations of African Thought. In 2016, he was awarded the 2016 Provost’s Award for Best Publication in the Humanities for his 2015 article entitled “Theory of Endogenous and Exogenous Motivation in L2 Migration,” published in Per Linguam. From 2016-2019, he coordinated the IAS Mdw Ntr Study Group, IAS Thursday Evening Film Series and Black History Month Film Festival.


As of 2019, the Black History Month Film Festival is now hosted at the National Film and Television Institute. In December 2016, he became a full citizen of Ghana and was instrumental in the historic restoration of Ghanaian citizenship for 34 Africans of the Diaspora. In July 2017, he was enstooled as the Ban mu Kyidɔmhene of Akuapem Mampɔn, where he is currently building his residence. He is married to a lovely and supportive wife, Kala, and has three beautiful and brilliant children, Ama, Kwaku and Akosua.

Abena2 photo.jpg

Abena Bennett


Abena is a free spirited, strong and playful being.  She has provedn to be a great asset to the projects she has participated in to the present time, to which sh has brought her natural sense of empathy, expressed as a tendency to help others in her community.


Her communication skills among others is invaluable and has earned her many long-lasting friendships.


In the 90's, Abena successfully managed a Street Hockey club consisting of players from a diverse background, called 'The Enforcers'.  Through her networking, she arranged the Clubs participation in the Lord Mayors Show' for 4 years.  she also sat on the committee for the London Association of Street Hockey league.


She has a deep love for playing the piano, salsa dancing, African dancing/drumming, martial arts and is an avid Beekeeper!


Carmenleta Thomas

Events Manager

'I am a prolific promoter and event planner with extensive experience in delivering International, National and Charity events within multi-culture and diverse communities. Events include: The London Triathlon/Marathon, Olympic and Paralympics, to name a few.


Over the years, I have initiated and presented Equal Opportunities and Diversity workshops which included Disability Awareness, Fair Selection and Opportunities 2000.  These workshops enforced  Corporate 'Visions' and 'Values' which changed attitudes.
My qualifications reflect my track record in Leadership and Management

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