PTAH Council Story
The initiative set to eventually become the Herald of A new golden Age for Black People, Kmtyw.

PTAH Council, was the brainchild of one man, Yashmal Amen. One day, he made the frank observation that very little recognition was given to people of African Heritage, despite their vast contribution to all areas of the Modern world. He also observed that African Heritage people rarely recognised or valued praise from their own community above that which might come from other communities. He observed also the degree to which African Heritage people were mostly desensitized to this chronic state of banishment from the limelight. He considered this a great travesty and a historical injustice that needed immediate remedy- particularly as it seemed clear that without recognition and appreciation of One’s achievements individually and collectively, it is very difficult to maintain a high sense of Self-worth and Self-esteem. Eventually, in December 2015 and through the collective efforts of five people who shared this vision, PTAH Council was established. In October 2019, the very first Black Carpet Awards took place at The Decorium in London, in recognition of Outstanding Africans. The awards covered all areas of endeavour, contribution and achievement internationally.

PTAH Council Mission

To be instrumental in the cleansing and regeneration of African collective self-image and to raise up to its rightful position the recognition and esteem in which Africans view the achievements of their fellow African brothers and sisters globally. We, PTAH Council recognise that Africans, as the Parent Race of Mankind, are blessed with a luminous Ancestral Heritage, responsible for introducing the enduring light of civilisation to the world. Africans have been blessed with the best and have endured the worst of all possible human conditions. Therefore, PTAH Council role is to seek out and to give recognition to examples of excellent, outstanding African role models, voted the best by today’s global African peoples, rewarding them for their relevant contribution to human progress and civilisation.

PTAH Council Vision

To be instrumental in the achievement of a united Africa, where Africans globally, both at Home and in the world-wide diaspora, are cleansed of all false images; being endowed with a clarity of vision that enables Africans everywhere to
recognise our Oneness as a People, capable and able to reconstruct human civilisation anew, in the footsteps of our Ancestors

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